28 May, 2007

Thalipeeth with Okra Raita and Aamras

Purani jeans aur guitar
Mohalle ki vo chhat
Aur mere yaar
Vo raaton ko jaagna
Subah ghar jaan
Kood ke deewar
Vo cigaretee peena
Gali mein jaake
Wo karna daanton ko
Ghadi ghadi saaf

Pahunchna college hamesha late
Vo kehna sir ka
"Get out from the class!"
Vo bahar jaake hamsha kehna
Yahan ka system
Hi hai kharaab
Vo jaake canteen mein
Table bajaake
Vo gaane gaana
Yaaron ke saath

Bas yaadein yaadein
Yaadein reh jaati hain
Kuchh chhoti chhoti
Baatein reh jaati hain
Bas yaadein…

Remember this song of Ali Haider? This song has been our college anthem;) and it always takes me down the memory lane. College canteen, mimicking our lecturers, bunking the classes, late night parties, birthday bums, ragging, internals, last minute study, lab sessions, hostel warden, hostel food, Sunday telephone calls from home, long Q in STD booths (when mobile phones were very rare and looked like TV remotes;), another long Q for Sunday special breakfasts, new year parties, tapri/dhaba food… Oh yes… How I miss my college and hostel days! Hostels, my home away from home where I made very good friends, and the memories of ragging my juniors, fighting with warden, jumping from compound walls after curfew hours, chewing bullet proof chapaties, drinking watery coffee, Friday night’s beauty session with all colored face packs, Saturday night’s eating out at Kamat’s or Sagar’s, visits to Café Coffee Day, counting the days to go home(for me from the day I returned from home;), stuffing last inch of our bags from Maggi noodles to hair pin, attacking the supply of home food from friend’s bag, reading M&B in zero watt bulb, bunking first session of the day coz of late night reading, listening to music till wee hours of morning, heating water with candle light to make Maggi noodles, birthday parties, pajama parties, Sunday laundry sessions… Yes… I can go on and on with my memories of hostel days.
When it comes to hostel days, hostel food is integral part of every hostilities memory. It is not a joke to cook and feed hundreds of hungry tummies every day; morning, noon and night. With usual bullet proof chapaties, sticky dal, watery milk, hot as hell subjis, oily curries, it was like breath of fresh air when we get invitation for home cooked meals from our localite friends. No wonder I used to feel home cooked meals are like oasis in hot desert ;) One of my friend’s mother was an excellent cook and her specialty was Marathi Cuisine. I still remember all delicious chat-pata chats, spicy Kaap (Pakoda), aromatic Bhaaji’s (Vegetable dish) with simple Koshimbir (Salads) and Poli’s she used to churn in her small kitchen and serve. There were the days when aunt would send us big stack of delicious Bhakries which we homesick souls would dip in sweet and creamy Shreekhand or Spicy Thalipeeth with Yogurt and Spicy Pickles. And how can I forget all those Puran Poli, Basundi, Gul Polies which we would gulp during Ganesha Chaturthi.
When lovely Nupur of One Hot Stove announced RCI-Maharastrian Cuisine for this month’s of RCI which is the brainchild of Lakshmi of Veggie Cuisine, I knew what I wanted to contribute. It’s been ages since I had Thalipeeth and decided to serve it with Okra Raita and Aamras.
Thalipeeth is a multi-grain mildly spiced pancake which is not only tasty but also healthy and nutritious. I remember aunty using Bhajani, flour mixture of different grains which are slightly roasted and ground. After unsuccessful hunt for bhajani, I made thalipeeth using the flours in my pantry. Adjust all the ingredients according to your taste and preference. The recipe below makes 6 thalipeeth.
If you are a lover of Maharashtrian Cuisine like me and want to try some of the best Marathi food then look no further. Our this month's hostess for RCI, Nupur of One Hot Stove has her blog dedicated to authentic A-Z Maharashtrian Cuisine and here for Nupur's recipe for Thalipeeth. Her Bombay Pav Bhaji is something which I love the most.

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Thalipeeth with Okra Raita and Aamras

Prep Time: 15-20 mins
Cooking Time: 10-15 mins
Serves: 2-3
1½ cups Jowar Flour
½ cup Wheat Flour
2 tbsp Rice Flour
2 tbsp Gram Flour
1 tbsp Semolina
1 medium Onion, chopped very finely
1-2 Green Chillies, chopped finely
3-4 tbsp Coriander Leaves, finely chopped
½ tsp Jeera/Cumin Powder
½ tsp Coriander Powder
½ tsp Red Chilli Powder
¼ tsp Turmeric Powder
Salt to taste
Oil/Ghee for frying

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Mix all the ingredients except oil/ghee and knead it into stiff dough using water. The dough should be of chapatti consistency. While kneading the dough, rub some oil or ghee to your palms to keep from sticking.
Keep this dough aside for 10-15 minutes covered with wet kitchen towel.
Again knead the dough and make golf ball sized balls.
Take a clean plastic sheet or banana leaf and grease its one side with some oil or ghee.
Flatten one ball in the palm of your hand and place it in the center of the sheet. Pat the ball with palm and the fingers. If the dough is too sticky, dip fingers in water to make the patting easier. Keep flattening in circular motion to make a round flat disc but make it sure that the thalipeeth has even thickness.
make one small hole in the center with finger which will help to cook the thalipeeth evenly.
Heat the griddle or non-stick tava and gently remove thalipeeth from plastic sheet and place it on tava.
Apply little oil or ghee at the edges, in the center hole and on top of the thalipeeth and cook on both the sides until it turns crisp and light brown in colour.
Serve hot thalipeeth with yogurt or raita with pickle and sweet Aamras.

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Thalipeeth with Okra Raita

Bhindi/Okra Raita
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: 5-10 mins
Serves: 2-3
6-7 Okra/Bhindi, cut into thin slices
1 small Red Onion
2 cups Yogurt
½ tsp Green Chilli, finely chopped
A Pinch of Jeera/Cumin Powder
1 tsp Oil
Salt to Taste

Heat oil in a pan and add finely chopped onion. Sauté it till they turn translucent.
Now add okra and green chilli and sauté it in high flame till it becomes crisp and brown.
Beat the yogurt and mix sauted okra and onion and cumin powder and salt to taste and mix well.
Chill the raita for at least half an hour before serving.
If desired you can add little bit of chat masala. But I like the sweet taste of fried Okra with tanginess of yogurt.

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Thalipeeth with Okra Raita

Prep Time: 5-10 mins
Cooking Time: -
Serves: 2-3
3 Ripe Mangoes(I used Alphanso)
1 tbsp Sugar(acc to taste)
1 cup chilled Milk
A pinch of Cardamom Powder
Ice Cubes

Peel the mangoes and take out the pulp. Discard the skin and seeds.
Blend this pulp with milk, sugar and ice cubes.
Add cardamom powder and chill it before serving and enjoy.

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Thalipeeth with Aamras

Did You Know?
The saying 'Anna he poornabrahma' aptly summarises what Maharashtrians feel about the food they cook. They consider 'anna', or food, equal to 'Brahma', or the creator of the universe. Food is God, to be worshipped. Little wonder that Maharashtrian cuisine not only fills the stomach, but also fills the soul - with content!
The cuisine of Maharashtra has its own distinctive flavors and tastes. It can be divided into two major sections–the coastal and the interior.
A major portion of Maharashtra, which lies on the coast of the Arabian Sea, is loosely called the Konkan and boasts of its own Konkani cuisine, which is a homogeneous combination of Malvani, Gaud Saraswat Brahmin, and Goan cuisines. Besides the coastal cuisine, the interior of Maharashtra—the Vidarbha area, has its own distinctive cuisine known as the Varadi cuisine.
The people are known for the aesthetic presentation of food, which adds extra allure to the feasts. For instance, in formal meals, it is a practice to sing sacred verses to dedicate the meal to God. The guests sit on floor rugs or red wooden seats and eat from silver or metal thalis and bowls placed on a raised 'chowrang', or a short decorative table. Rangolis or auspicious patterns of coloured powder are drawn around the thali or the chowrang. To avoid mixing flavours, each guest is given a bowl of saffron scented water to dip the fingers in before starting on the next course. There is a specific order of serving of savouries and sweets, curries and rice or rotis, and a person who does not know this is not considered to be well trained in the art of hospitality. Agarbattis spread fragrance everywhere and the host believes the satisfaction of his guests to be his true joy.
(Source: wiki and www.maharashtraweb.com)

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Thalipeeth with Okra Raita and Aamras


  1. What a great post! You college/ hostel memories made me laugh out loud. And brought sudden nostalgic tears to my eyes.
    The thalipeeth looks perfectly delicious, and the combination with the okra raita is unusual...I have got to try that!
    Thanks for all the nice words, and for an *amazing* entry :)

  2. thalipeeth and aamras. lovely food indeed.

  3. Sia, who can forget those hostel days especially the Q waiting for the STD calls from home.

    Thalipeeth looks lovely. There is your tasty okra raitha again.

  4. Sia,
    Those thalipeeths look so perfect and lovely..Great entires, dear..It's so sad that I don't get bhajni out here..

  5. Sia,
    So well written, Purani jeans was our college anthem too, even when I listen to it now I get goosebumps and feel very nostalagic. thanks for taking us on a walk on memory lane.
    M&B, bunking classes and b'day bums boy those were good old days !!.
    Very delicious roti, okra raita is the first time I have heard.
    Great pics

  6. DAMN sup!!!!!! I was going to make the same!!!!!

    Lovely looking thalipeeth...... and your college memories brought back mine as well. :) Lovely presentation as usual. :)

  7. Sia seeing the song you brought back my memories, this was a song that was skit played in our college for branch competition and finally it became daily raga at our hostel and college.....

    Thalipeth thumba chenaggi kanistu, sunday ena manellu ede thindi. bendekayi raita mathe aamras rashi chalo kanthu. Aamras yumm!

  8. Good entry Sups :)You have used all the right flours. The thalipeeth is looking gr8 with the hole in the centre.
    You know why we make a hole there . So that you can dribble oil from there, helps it to cook well. Very nice presentation :
    Bullet proof chappatis heee...hee

  9. hey Sup, what a great post yarr! you are already done with the next RCI too! thats great.
    BTW tum bhi cigarette piti thi kya? Just kidding:)
    its such an awesome post. loved to read your college memories. made me recall mine.
    the thalipeeth looks great. will have to try it sometime. I got to do a lot of homework for Maharashtra RCI.

  10. Something new to learn Sia. Very nice and it is tempting too. Viji

  11. Great post Sia.Have not heard of Thalipath...Awesome pics!!
    Nice of you to pop in again...Just returned from a holiday...will get back to blogging soon...feeling hmmm lazy..sleepy jetlagged..

  12. bullet-proof chapatis - hee hee! Nice presentation!

  13. @nupur,
    thaks to u coz of you i made thalipeeth for the first time and that too after some 4-5 years. now i have to try all those bhaajis and bakri:)

    thanks dear:)

    he he he... waiting in a long Q did taught me a lesson of patience;)

  14. @swapna,
    i too dont get bhajini here. you can add any flours of ur liking and change its proportion to suite ur taste. these talipeeth were absolutely delicious and yesterday i made them again. this time i added 1/2 cup of raagi/millet flour too.

    LOL...u too are M&B lover? tell u the secret, i do read M&B even now, once in a while though;)
    do try okra raita as it is very delicious and you will surely made it again and again:) i got this recipe from my good friend here.

    yipppyyyyyyyyyy.... so i was the first one to make thalipeeth;) plz do post your recipe also as i am sure you will have some secret ingredient;) how abt durian?;) ok...i back off;)

  15. @roopa,
    yeah....purani jeans was our daily raaga in coll:) so many good memerioes are attached with this song. miss those golden days:)

    thanks sweetie:) i noticed that i forgot to mention abt making a small hole in center for cooking the thalipeeth evenly:) thanks for reminding:)

    so u have started ur home work on marathi cuisine? girl, i am eagerly looking forward to ur awesome post and i am sure you will come up with some thing sensational again:)
    cig and me? nah.... i hate its smell and cant stand it. i did try once though;)

  16. @viji,
    thanks dear. try it sometime and i am sure u will like thalipeeth.

    i did my engg in north karnataka where the food is very similar to maharashtrians. so i was lucky to try all yummy marathi food and i absolutely love them.
    u r back from break? good to know that... i know its difficult to break the break;) so take ur own time and will look forward to ur posts:)

    4 years i had to eat bullet-proof chapaties... grrr..... who says food can't be used to torture people;)

  17. Love the Thalipeeth! I had a friend in Hubli whose mom made Thalipeeths and kept them in reserve so we can munch on them after school.They were almost like crackers rather than soft.Aamras looks great.I had Mango lassi yesterday,yum.
    Don't recall that song,I always stayed with parents while went to college,escaped from all that "Khara Bhath" nightmare:))
    Great entries,good job.

  18. Can I come over ?? That looks delish and your write up, brought back all the memories. Loved those days..

  19. Wonderful post and started off aptly with lovely song. The Thalipeeth is a very new dish for me and looks great.
    I loved the "Do You know" section

  20. bullet proof chapatis......haha..that's cute!
    Wow, those thalipeeth look so good, and what a perfect entry for the Maharashtrian Cuisine!
    Okra Raita is lovely...and aamraas, girl, I love this stuff, I could drink it on its own and not feel guilty about it.
    I am gonna mail you soon too! :)

  21. @ashakka,
    oh yes...and my friend's house was also in hubli:) u did ur schooling or coll in hubli?
    i tried to pat them as thin as possible...but the prob was transfering it to griddle... so make them chapati thin and it was easy... mango lassi? that sounds cool...which reminds that its been quite sometime since i had amarkhand...yummmm....
    this song came in late 90's or early 2000...not sure... there was some fun part abt hostel life apart from food ofcourse;)

    any time girl:) but no thalipeeth now...;) all got over long before i posted;)

    thanks girl:) i am still smiling thinking abt our baking dissaster post;) till now i used to use baking powder for everything. today i am gonna buy baking soda;)

  22. Hey, very nice write up! It brought back my memories too! :) and your Thalipeeth looks perfect! And the aamras-thalipeeth combo sounds wonderful!

  23. Loved reading about your college days. I have not been in hostel but I have heard from my sister that it is fun.
    Thalipeeth is a new dish to me. Picture looks yummy as usual. I've heard about Okra raita. But never tried it before. will try this combo soon.

  24. WOW.....This is really a great post....very different one...... Nice picture I love it.....

  25. Hi Sia,

    Love the Thalipeeth and amras combo they are sooooo yummy.I remember having them in Dharwar when I was a kid in my mom,s frds house.

    U made me nostalgic
    and reminded me of my college days and life in the hostel.Very well written.
    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  26. Hi Sups,

    Thalipeeth looks very perfect...Nice writeup too...

    Okra raita something new, but i think for this hot summer, it should be cool..

  27. Sia, your post brought back my own college memories and childhood memories of eating thalipeeth at my various maharashtrian friends's homes. My own attempts at thalipeeth have been pretty sorry. Your's looks lovely!

  28. Love yr hostel memories. Thalipeeth looks like a mix of vadai and adai. That curl-leaf parsley looks so cute in the photo..

  29. Thalipeeth ROCKS!!!! love bhendi in every avtaar!!! aamrass... nectar!! wonderful post !!!! too good!

  30. wow a lovely post ben...you certainly have great memories...wonderful...thalipeeth looks really yummy...i love em hot...i knew curd would get in there somewhere with the raita...~grin~...i will say it again...great post ben...thanks for sharing

  31. Thalipeeth dish is completely new to me amd okra raita too. U took lot of effort in explaining things. Great Job!! "Annam Parabhramma Svaroopam" is driven from sanskrith basically; and ofcourse applies to every religion food. Thanks for sharing all those lovely things.

  32. Sia, your food always makes me smack my lips in anticipation of having it and this one is no exception. I would love to sit at your table and tuck in. I particularly want the Thalipeeth and Aamras.

  33. Ah hostel days, the best days of my life... :) this post made me all nostalgic sup... I still remember those uninvited trips to the dayski houses :)

  34. @trupti,
    i know u would like okra raita and aamras;) we cant resist the temptation of curds hah? LOL...
    just replied to ur mail n congrats once again:)

    thanks sweetie:) u know what? i have got a frozen bag of avarekaalu...got to try ur avarekaalu huli:)

    thats sweetie for taking time to come n comment when u r busy with packing n all:) do try them sometime coz they r really tasty and good for health:)

  35. @sukanya,
    thanks dear:)

    aww... hostel days were fun isn't it? full masti and mauj:) thank u for all ur sweet words:)

    hey girl? u r taking break from blogging right? ;) he he he... so sweet of u to come and leave comment when u r on break:) hugs to u:)
    oh yes, okra raita is certainly cool for summer:)

  36. Hey both the recipe looks so yummy my mouth is watering.. nice photos too..so when can i come for lunch/dinner to ur place? he:)

  37. @SJ,
    try it again SJ. i made these for the first time... may be u used more of raagi or jowar as they tend to make the roties soft. dont pat them very thin and make small sized disks which will fit in ur palm easily. do try them and see how it goes:)

    its more like methi thepla but little crispier than theplas. thank u for stopping by:)

    ha ha ha... i can see u jumping up n down:) i too love bhindi in any avtar:) and yeah...thalipeeth with aamras definately rocks;)

  38. @dilip bhai,
    LOL... thalipeeth and curd go hand in hand right? so no sneaking business here;) i am so glad to know u liked it:)

    i was certain that okra raita will be quite new to most of you:) but belive me it tastes really great. hope u do give it a try some day.

    oh girl... u can come n knock my door even in a middle of night and i will happily cook thalipeeth and aamras for u:) but u should bring with u all those yummy paratas:) we can sit and eat and gossip all day;)

  39. @sig,
    i too would goto my friend's house w/o invitation whenever i felt homesick and aunty would make it sure that i went back with big box of yummy dishes;) now i am feeling nostalgic...best of of my life too:)

    a warm welcome to spice corner:) u can right away pack ur bags and come over here:) food is ready for lunch:)

  40. I simply love that song...I listen to it even now...those were the days...the dishes look awesome...

  41. Sups,
    Thalipeeth looks soo good, it looks like akkiroti right? I will surely try it. BTW the nimbu saru was a hit. Sups, earlier you had ganesh mantras as background music for your website, I loved it, can you please let me know what the CD is called?

    Thanks much

  42. @sunita,
    so u too like this song? good to know that:)

    it does look like akki rotti but tastes different. i used only 2 tbsp of rice flour.
    so u liked nimbu saaru? good to know that:) i will be posing another saaru which i love a lot. amma's recipe again:)
    that album is called divine chants of ganesha. i too love it and usually listen to it whenever i am under stress. its a gr8 stress buster:)

  43. PHEW! finally got thru after couple of tries, the page took ages to load, do u know if anyone else has this problem?
    anyway, it was so much fun reading about your hostel ki yaadein :) we all treasure our hostel days, don't we! thalipeeth looks yum, my fav :) i've the bhajani flour with me and it makes a world of difference :) good going, sia!

  44. sia, u got a loooovely blog here with lovely recipes... will def try the thalipeeth... (plus i love yur name :) )

  45. @richa,
    oops.... u still have prob loading my blog? :( donno whats the reason... i might change the template and see if it works. grrrr... blogger is giving me prob with uploading the pics too. gonna rectify it pretty soon.
    girl, where did u get bhajani flour? i envy u :P true, it makes hell lot of difference:) i am gonna search every nook and corner this weekend for bhajani;)

    thanks dear and a very warm welcome to spice corner:) and sia is my nick name:)

  46. yummy food ....roti and ratia...very nice ones .....

  47. Loved reading of ur college and hostel days.My hostel friends used to tell me about making maggie noodles with four candles and a Nido tin case...Thalipeeth with Okra Raita looks yummyyyyyyyyy

  48. Loved reading of ur college and hostel days.My hostel friends used to tell me about making maggie noodles with four candles and a Nido tin case...Thalipeeth with Okra Raita looks yummyyyyyyyyy

  49. Me too can't forget those sweet memories of college days and enjoyment in the hostel.
    thalipeeths are looking lovely and tasty.i never heard of this dish.sure want to try.thanks for sharing.

  50. That looks awesome! I am so tempted to maked them for dinner tonight :)


  51. "Agarbattis spread fragrance everywhere and the host believes the satisfaction of his guests to be his true joy."

    I think the hostess of "Passionate About Life 'n Spice" must be very joyous indeed... knowing her guests are satisfied in soul when they visit here...

    Thanks for sharing your lovely photos and lively reminiscences, Supriya :)

  52. @deepa,
    thanks dear:)

    @kitchen fairy,
    oh yes... it used to take long time to cook maggi but it tasted the best;)

    no one can forget those days of fun amd masti:) do try thalipeeth swapna. they r really delicious with plain curds and pickle.

  53. @roopa,
    a warm welcome to spice corner:) oh, do try and enjoy thalipeeth for dinner:)

    aww... thank u for ur kind words linda:) if u had asked the same thing last year i would have said no coz i didn't know the differece between channa dal to urad dal;) now, yes... i never ever dreamt that one day i will be actually cooking and serving food for my guests:)
    i am glad to know u enjoyed my ramblings and pics linda... u r a sweethear to appriciate evey simple thing i make:)

  54. Sia, that was a lovely beautiful and nostalgic post !all the fun you had during your hostel days did reflect through your words....and liked those pics a lot too!your Aamras makes me go fill my glass with a glass of mango milk shake...so let me go before I drool all over her :D


  55. Awesome recipes Sia! I'm really impressed, I am going to try out your bhindi raitha.


  56. @kanch,
    thanks sweetie:) bhindi raita may sound bit unusal but it is my fav... do let me know how u like it:)

  57. Fantastic post..the college life description brought back a flood of wonderful memories....And what can I say about the Thalipeeth other than I can eat it 24 x 7 !!

  58. @mishy,
    oops!!! hw did i miss ur comment???!!! he he he... hope u did have ur quota of mango juice:)

    a warm welcome to spice corner. 24X7??? join the gang:)

  59. Oh, almost like mine except veggies. Looks great Sups, I think I have been here before, not sure!:))

  60. Very good recipe... adding semolina made it crispy! Thanks for sharing :)


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