31 October, 2012

Scotland ~ Through My Eyes!

My heart's in the Highlands, my heart is not here,
My heart's in the Highlands, a-chasing the deer;
A-chasing the wild deer, and following the roe,
My heart's in the Highlands, wherever I go.
~ Robert Burns

It’s been almost a week since we came back from out Scotland trip. It was everything we thought it to be and more, much more! The country is just breathtakingly beautiful in every way, be it its unspoiled natural beauty or the friendly smiling faces that we came across.

Our trip itinerary was simple; eat, relax, spend some quality time with one another and have fun!

Eat we did with a gusto, what with all that fresh country air and all.

Relax we did by taking turns in getting up early with our little cock-a-doodle aka Lil Dumpling so that one of us could sleep for few more hours!

Spend some quality time always is in the agenda even when we are at home, but on holiday it is different, always different! Different as in it whole lot more fun with not much worrying about the daily chores or routines! And did we have fun or what?!

We stayed in a beautiful holiday cottage in Ayr and travelled around Ayrshire, Dumfries and Galloway discovering small hamlets with little cluster of houses, a village post office and a school and insanely beautiful and unspoiled natural beauty of the Scotland! The photos here don’t do any justice to the breathtaking beauty that we will cherish forever!

Almost every morning we got up little late than normal, played music of 80’s and early 90’s and danced with Lil Dumpling who is quite fond of music and dances. A hearty lunch later it was time to take an afternoon nap, which is nothing short of a luxury, cuddling each other on a huge four poster bed! We must have looked a like a big sandwich topped with rather a good helping of mayonnaise and Lil Dumpling making a delicious filling :) A short but relaxing nap later we were ready to explore the little corner of the Scotland!

Every afternoon we drove around the countryside, passing little unknown villages on a very narrow road that took us to the highest mountains or deep inside the forests! There was no travel plan with one particular destination in mind as we chose the roads by flipping the coin or something on that line while deciding wheatear to take left or right turn when we came at the juncture ;) We were rewarded for our silly adventure by such mind boggling beauty that it left us speechless, literally!

The beauty of Scotland leaves you breathless, speechless with open mouthed and round eyes! It is good! That good!!!

And good is always good! It’s good to feel good!

And relaxed, as if the great weight we carry on our shoulders of daily life, heavy with worries and more worries, were weighing us down slowly started to melt away… The stiff shoulders dropped a little bit, muscles relaxed and the smile on our lips matched the twinkle in our eyes!

We lived our life…

We breathed in fresh air, untouched by city’s polluted air…

We walked on a path laid with thick carpet of colourful leaves…

We talked to our walking companions, a group of sheep and their baby lambs…

We dipped our toes in a cold water of the streams and felt the chill run up our spine…

We drove on narrowest roads with little prayer in our lips as we looked down the specks of trees and houses…

We found peace with tweeting birds and rustling leaves…

We discovered how Lil Dumpling has inherited our travelling genes along with his love for nature… And that was the best part of our trip! We can’t wait for our travel bug to bite us and let us discover another corner of the world!!!


  1. Gorgeous pictures and beautiful landscapes! Scotland is such a wonderful place. Thanks for sharing your clicks with us.



  2. Ah! I toured along with you, looking at these beautiful pictures!
    Loved, loved loved them.
    While every single one of the pictures has a story to tell, the 7th. from the bottom was the one that sparked the memory from an old classic, children's book, Dr. Dolittle- Hugh Lofting. Reminded me of the Pushmi-Pullyu. i now have a great longing to read the series all over!
    Thanks and Hugs :)

  3. sia..the pics are so so so beautiful. Wish i knew how to take landscape pics like these. I really have to brush up .

  4. Pics are amazing... Inspiring... we must also visit Scotland sometime. which software do you use to process the pics?

  5. Love all the pictures, wish i would visit scotland once, but i think that will stays like that, as i have so many places i want to visit and the list is just getting longer and longer.

  6. Beautiful photos... Seeing these photos makes me want a holiday :)

  7. The pictures are wonderful. I knew that Scotland was beautiful, now I have proof.:)

  8. Beautiful Pictures Sia.. Scotland is breathtaking!


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