29 April, 2012

They Inspire Me!

A bunch of blogs/website I love to visit… I found them to be really inspiring and visit them whenever I can… Some for wonderful recipes, some for soul touching narrations, some for good humour and laugh, some for brilliant food photography, some for larger than life photography and other for just being themselves without any frills and pretense! This is a work-in-progress list and I will update it as and when I come across the websites that touch my heart, make me think, makes me speak out, inspires me and make me weak at knees!!! :D
Food, Oh, Glorious Food Blogs!

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Not without Salt

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Food for the Soul, Mind and Heart!
Eye Candy ~ Interiors

Eye Candy ~ Photography


  1. That is so sweet of you to include my blog. You, your little adorable kiddo and monsoon spice are a part of my life too. :-). Always love to hear anecdotes about them. Many others on the list are my favorite blogs and read them whenever I can.


  2. Thanks for having added me to your wonderful list!

    Happy Friday!


    Rosa xxx

  3. Sia, thanks, I really appreciate the acknowledgement. I'm glad you found it worthy of mention even though the blog raises its voice (sleepy head?) only once a month now and this month not even that - not by design, just happenstance.

  4. you also inspire me sia...... right from day one when i was not even a blogger and food photography was far far away from me.

    and you continue to inspire me.....

    thanks a ton dear for the mention. am so much touched.

    there are so many blogs on the list i don't know of. will take out time to visit them.

  5. Oh! Thank you for the mention! I am honored to be on your list.

  6. Great. long list of inspiration..

  7. Thank you for the shout out Sia..
    Love discovering new blogs through such inspiring lists.. There are so many I have to explore..

  8. Tight Hugs!! :)

    You had always been my inspiration and continue to be, girl, though I hadn't mentioned since!

    You made my day!

    Hugs again!! :)

  9. Hey, Hari Menon links back to Kristina and Kayla blog! Nice compilation. I am gonna bookmark some :)

  10. Hi Sia!

    A comprehensive list indeed! Looks like the link to Hari Menon Photography is broken, may be you can check on it.

  11. Some of my favorites are on this list too...I've found many must-read blogs over the years based on your recommendations! Thank you for sharing this (and for including my blog) :)

  12. Thank You for this thoughtful post. I appreciate your effort to write this while making and sharing wonderful recipes.

    ~ Surya

  13. What a list! I am trying to visit them all...thank you for sharing them.

  14. Hey, thanks for the mention, Sup. Many blogs that are new for me. Will be back to check them out later.

  15. WoW! Amazing list of blogs. Know some of them...will check the others.

    Thank you for the mention! I am honored to be on your list.

    Take Care and Regards

  16. Nice list Sia. I will be coming back to check it out all.....BTW, I used to be ur regular visitor long back, but then u disappeared and dint post anything for long long time. Glad that u started blogging again!

  17. thanks for adding me in :)

  18. Sia, absolutely chuffed to be on your list. Thank you! And a big hug for this one :)

  19. Thank you, that's very sweet :-)

  20. That is awfully sweet of you...! I just a kiddo, in the block. I am humbled, that you included me int your interiors blog list , Thanks a ton!


  21. @padmamanasa, It doesn't matter if the blog is old or new. ur blog is quite unique and definitely inspiring for me :)

  22. Saw a bunch of hits from here and came to see that you've included me in the list too. Aww....that is really sweet of you. Thank You! Means a lot to me.

    Vidya @ Whats Ur Home Story


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