08 March, 2012

Tondekayi Palya (Tindla Palya) Recipe ~ A Pictorial

Tondekayi Palya/Tindla Palya/Stir Fried Ivy Gourds ~ It starts from here

I have been feeling extremely homesick today and was leafing through the photos I took when I visited home in December. I found few food related photos and thought you, my dear reader friends, might find them interesting. So here is the pictorial of one of my favourite recipes, Tondekayi Palya or Tindla Palya or Tindora Subji, which is a simple stir fry of Ivy Gourds, cooked using few basic spices and then generously garnished with fresh grated coconut. I randomly clicked few photos while our family cook prepared them at my in-law’s farm house. This delicious Tondekayi Palya or simple Tindora/Ivy Gourd Stir Fry was cooked by our family cook using very old and traditional fire wood cooking technique. The smoke coming from wood adds smoky flavour to this simple stir fry. I will not be posting the recipe as it has already been posted some 3½ plus years back. So if you are interested to cooking this simple Tondekayi Palya or Tindla Palya, please click here for the recipe.

First you chop the ivy gourds into discs ~ HD happily ‘posed’ his hands for me ;)

Although tadka/tempering is made in the beginning, our family cook cooked the ivy gourds first and added tadka in the end. Well it’s mainly because he was cooking for 20+ members of our family and he prepared mountain of tadka for all food preparations in the end! 

He then added fresh green chillies and turmeric powder...

And some jaggary cubes (cane sugar) to add little sweetness to the rather spicy palya!

And here comes the most important ingredient, fresh coconut. He grated them and then added a generous handful of this sweet coconut... delicious!

Last but not the least, aromatic tadka made in extra virgin coconut oil! YUM!!!

Mix them well and we are ready to dive into!

Served in fresh banana leaves, organic and bio degradable! Come and taste this simple delight, Tondekayi Palya or Tindla Palya.


  1. pictures are extraordinary....simple recipe yet looks so mouth watering :)

  2. REd oxide floor! Very few house have that now- my granny's place is one. I love this palya and its even more delicious when jackfruit seeds are added.

  3. Beautiful photos! I love the way third photo is framed!

  4. such beautiful photos sia. loved the photo of the fire below the kadai and the steam coming from the veggie.

  5. i bet....back in the village my garndmother still cooks with firewood...the taste of such curries r just awesome....a wonderful post and wonderful clicks here !


  6. Flattered seeing the pictures! Its should definitely be tasting heavenly. Its been ages since I had firewood cooked dishes.

  7. Lovely post...brings back lot of my sweet childhood memories!!

  8. Thanks for sharing this Palya. You reminded me of my grand parents.

  9. Love the pics Sia, esp the 3rd, kadai on clay stove?? is it??

  10. Gorgeous photos! I think it's called Kundru in some northern parts of India. I always look for news ways to enjoy it :) Thanks for the recipe and gorgeous photos!

    Kiran @ KiranTarun.com

  11. Cooking over firewood must add some great flavor to the dish! Although I had never tried this yet, I'd love to try it if I ever get a chance! Your photos are STUNNING!

  12. very tempting and delicious palya !!tindora is my favourite ,loves the crunchiness of this veggie..will try this very soon.

  13. Hey Sia! Came across your blog thru Chinmayi and loving every minute of it :) I'm thrilled with the traditional Mangalorean recipes here! Lovely pictures and such interesting stories...

  14. wow, what a great pictorial, loved it. Never added jaggery and coconut in this curry, will surely give it a try.


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