27 January, 2012

Cabbage Akki Rotti Recipe | Gluten Free Spicy Cabbage Flat Bread Recipe

Cabbage Akki Rotti Recipe | Gluten Free Spicy Cabbage Flat Bread

I think I need another vacation to recover from previous one! Well, it almost sums up my recent trip to India-aah!

Food-dozing-food-chasing the toddle-food-trying to stop Lil Dumpling from running wild naked-food-meeting dozens of aunts and uncles-food-travelling with one super active toddler-food-temple visits-food-catching few blinks while Lil Dumpling runs riot without a stitch of thread on his back-food-trying to avoid cousin jealousy when one kid snatches toys from other-food-catching up with all the latest gossips in family and friend circle-food-taking few photos in between Lil Dumpling’s short day naps-food-food-food-and more food! Well, this almost sums up my India trip!!!

Gluten free, nutritious and wholesome: Cabbage Akki Rotti

Well, it’s almost a month since I returned from my fantastic trip to India but I have been really busy with my work life and personal and family life. Lil Dumpling had wonderful time where he was pampered by his grand parents, cousins and many aunts and uncle and I guess more than us, he misses all the fun and frolic he had back in India. He was the centre of attraction and also centre of attention and was mostly found running around with no nappy or even a small thread of cloth on his back! ~gulps~ It was a revelation when we found his love for animals, and especially my mom’s pet dog Bubbly was chased away from her favourite spot by this little brat who found a new game of twisting her ears and pulling her nose and tail. Poor girl!!! Trip to our farm house was a landmark of this trip where Lil Dumpling had acres of open space to run around chasing butterflies, many more pet animals like two dogs, two puppies, two cats, and half a dozen cows! And not forget flowing river and two large ponds of fresh water with in the estate which were added bonus for a little person whose favourite pass time is playing in water! Lil Dumpling was spoiled rotten by his grandmas who churned delicious pots after delicious pots of south Indian delicacies which made him develop taste buds for south Indian food. From simple bowl of Rasam rice with a dollop of Ghee to delicious Cauliflower Bhath made using freshly squeezed coconut milk, from pillow-y soft Idlis to delicate Neer Dosas, from staple Banana crisps to chewy Semolina Vadas, from refreshing tender coconut water to tangy Nimbu paani, he had it and how he enjoyed them! He had his first taste of ice cream and chocolate too and he never seemed to get enough of both! Oh yes, he was at food heaven and he had his dose of food nirvana!

I can go on and on about our trip and we may end up scrolling for hours to read the recipe. So I will continue my rants in my next post where I’ll be sharing few pictures from our India trip. Oh yes! Between eating, sleeping and being laaaa…zy, I did manage to take some exclusive shots for you guys, my dear reader friends. So keep tuned for some food shots from India…aah series, will ya?

Crispy and delicious: Cabbage Akki Rotti

For today I have some delicious, crispy and very addictive Cabbage Akki Rotti which tops Lil Dumpling’s favourite dish chart. It’s simple, wholesome, gluten free and packed with nutrition. Good amount of shredded cabbage used here makes this flat bread absolute delight to eat! Sticky rotti dough is directly patted on tawa/griddle to make thin and crispy Cabbage Akki Rotti which is chewy and soft in the centre. The heady aroma of cabbage, carrot and onion in the rotti dough is enough to perk up your mood in delight! The anticipation starts to build when generously applied ghee on the Cabbage Akki Rotti starts to sizzle on the pan and the sides’ starts to turn rich shade of brown and becomes crisp. The eager hands and mouth perked on top of high chair (read Lil Dumpling) becomes really restless and the little hands starts to bang the tray while the pouted lips shouts its protest at being so late to get his food on the table! As I tear the rotti in to small biteable pieces for Lil Dumplings, blowing air in desperate attempt to cool it before the restless hands can grab it and put it in his mouth, Lil Dumpling sits there with his arms extended towards the plate and eyes ‘oh so’ eager waiting for his favourite dish. As soon as I arrange few pieces on his tray, he grabs two pieces in each hand and puts a small piece of rotti in his mouth and starts chewing. I stand back, a piece of rotti still in my hand and my lips pouted in an action of blowing the air to cool the very hot rotti, and watch in delight as the Lil Dumpling finishes eating one piece and then sighs in pure delight! I release a breath, and just realise I was holding my breath all the while… that’s mother hood for you! Finding pleasure in simplest of things that your child does and one such pleasure is when your child loved the food you cooked for them! Bliss…

I have made this Cabbage Akki Rotti for the past three months and it still continues to be Lil Dumpling’s most favourite dish. Some times I add grated carrot and some other times a bunch of fresh fenugreek leaves go into it. Some times it is chopped spinach or French beans and some other time it has Lilva or green peas or sweet corns in it. He loves them all. I am generous with the ghee when I roast the rottis’ and usually serve them either with some Coconut based chutneys (Coriander chutney is my favourite) or with a bowl of chilled yogurt. They are great to have on their own or with a freshly churned butter and sugar. Serve it just plain or with any accompaniments, this Cabbage Akki Rotti is crowd pleasers and will be a sure hit with even the most fussy eaters. :)

So here it is the recipe for Cabbage Akki Rotti that Lil Dumpling loves and eats without complaining…

Shredded cabbage, carrot, and onion for Cabbage Akki Rotti

Packed with nutrition and flavour

Cabbage Akki Rotti dough is ready for patting

Cook it till it turns golden brown and crisp

Cabbage Akki Rotti, ready for serving

Crisp from the outside and soft within

Cabbage Akki Rotti (Indian flat bread made using rice flour and shredded cabbage)
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: 10 mins (for Rotti dough) + 5-7 mins for cooking each Rotti
Recipe Level: Easy/Beginner
Spice Level: Low to Medium
Makes: Around 10-12 Rotti
Serves: 4-6 people
Shelf Life: Best served hot right from the pan but can be stored for a day or two in fridge
Serving Suggestion: Can be served with butter & Sugar or with honey or with any Chutney/Pickle/Sambar/Curry

3 cups Rice Flour
1 large Onion, finely chopped
¼ medium Cabbage, finely shredded (about 2 cups)
1 large Carrot, peeled and grated (Optional)
1-3 Green Chillies, finely chopped (Adjust acc to taste or simply skip it when making for kids)
Salt to taste
Ghee or Oil for cooking the Rotti

For Tadka/Tempering:
1 tsp Jeera/Cumin Seeds
1 tsp Mustard Seeds
¼ tsp Hing/Asafoetida (Optional)
2 sprigs of Curry Leaves, finely chopped
2 tbsp Oil

Stack of gluten free goodness

Cabbage Akki Rotti

To make the Rotti dough:
  1. Heat oil in a heavy bottomed pan or kadai/wok, and add mustard seeds.
  2. When mustard seeds start to pop and splutter, cumin seeds and hing to it.
  3. Once the cumin seeds start to brown, add finely chopped green chillies and curry leaves and cook for half a minute.
  4. Add finely chopped onions and sauté it for a minute or two till translucent.
  5. Mix in shredded cabbage and grated carrots, if using, and cook on medium heat for 3-4 minutes.
  6. Add salt to taste and about 4-5 cups of water and mix well.
  7. Now add rice flour and stir it with a help of wooden spoon till all the flour is mixed well with the vegetables and forms dough. This dough will be sticky but dense and you should easily be able to pat it thin using your fingers.
Proceed to make Rotti:
  1. The best way to make this Cabbage Akki Rotti is to pat them directly on tawa/griddle. If you are not very confident about patting them directly on hot griddle, then you can pat them on greased banana leaf and then transfer to the hot tawa. But patting them directly on the tawa gives this rotti a smooth finish and a very crisp texture on out.
  2. To make them directly on the tawa (I prefer non-stick tawa/griddle), take tennis ball sized dough and place it in the centre of a tawa. Now with the help of your fingers, start patting them to form a circle of ½ cm thickness. If the dough sticks to your hand, simply dip your finger in a bowl of cool water and continue to pat to make round rotti.
  3. Now place that tawa on back on flame and let the rotti cook on medium flame. Add a tsp of oil or Ghee around the edges of rotti and let it cook undisturbed for around 3-4 minutes.
  4. Add another tsp of oil or ghee on top and flip it around gently and cook for another 2-3 minutes till brown spots starts to appear and the rotti turns crisp.
  5. To proceed to make more rotti, invert the hot tawa or griddle and place it under cold running water for few seconds to cool the tawa slightly.
  6. Dip the fingers in cold water and proceed to pat the dough into thin rotti and cook it following the directions.
  7. Serve these delicious Cabbage Akki Rotti with any chutneys (preferably coconut based chutneys), or Curries or Sambar. I like it with delicious stuffed baby eggplants (Badane Ennegayi) and HD likes it with pure homemade butter and honey combination. And our Lil Dumpling loves it when served plain with a dollop of pure Desi Ghee or butter or with a bowl of chilled yogurt.

Serve it with a dollop of pure Desi ghee and love

Lil Dumpling's fav dish: Cabbage Akki Rotti

Sia’s Notes:
  • You can also add green leafy vegetables like finely chopped spinach or fenugreek leaves or coriander leaves or even dill.
  • I usually use non-stick tawa but you can also use cast-iron tawa which gives perfect crisp texture to this delicious Cabbage Akki Rotti.
  • The best way to make this Cabbage Akki Rotti is to pat them directly on tawa/griddle. If you are not very confident about patting them directly on hot griddle, then you can pat them on greased banana leaf and then transfer to the hot tawa. But patting them directly on the tawa gives this rotti a smooth finish and a very crisp texture.


  1. One of my favorite breakfasts/lunch/teatime snack! I love your pictures!

  2. Learnt to prepare akki roti when I was in Bangalore. Love to have it with coconut chutney and ghee :)

  3. So good to see a recipe from you again Sia! Cabbage rotti is my favorite too. Surprisingly i have never made it for my daughter! She loves all kinds of rottis so I am pretty sure this will be a hit too...
    I actually have both carrots and cabbage in my refrigerate so You know what's for breakfast tomorrow morning ;)

  4. Akki rotis with cabbage..have to try it. And it looks crisp and yum. Good that your dumpling has started eating Rotis, I have to pester mine to come near rotis and chapattis :)
    Lite Bite

  5. Wow, nice recipe and fantastic presentation!

  6. Welcome back! Great to know that you had a wonderful vacation.

    Those flatbreads look amazing! I love their composition.



  7. Flavorful and healthy recipe. Looks so good. Nice pictures. YUM!

  8. That looks so , so good!
    I must try it soon.
    Have a great weekend :)

  9. Cabbage akki rotti is new..I usually use all other ingredients you mentioned..but not cabbage..Must try it :)

  10. Hi Sia,

    Waiting to see the pics. Do sing the "Roti Angadi Kittappa" song from Youtube for your lil dumpling!It used to be my son's favorite song. :)

  11. Delicious and wholesome roti..

  12. akki rotti is my husband;s fav breakfast but i have never added cabbage to the mix, this sounds deleciously different. gotta try it :)

  13. the akki roti looks soo good. i love cabbage and carrots together!

  14. Hey sia i am also trying my hand in cooking my marriage only. After reading your post how much your lil dumpling likes your akki roti,i made up mind to prepare it for my lil Princess who jst turned 2 this Jan. Ohhhhhh god she loved it.. Thanks a lot Sia..

  15. Hey sia i am also trying my hand in cooking my marriage only. After reading your post how much your lil dumpling likes your akki roti,i made up mind to prepare it for my lil Princess who jst turned 2 this Jan. Ohhhhhh god she loved it.. Thanks a lot Sia..

  16. Thanks sia, great recipe. will try it soon. i tried the sprouted moong one and it came out superb. please keep posting....thank heavens for people like u.

  17. feels like grabbing one and eat it.. too good

  18. Nice version of Akki rotti... I havent yet tried the Cabbage version....Would definetely give a try very soon!
    one tip-If U dont get banana leaf U can also use a small clean cloth(preferably cotton).
    Procedure to follow-Wet the cloth,drain out the excess water and place it on the table, or any hard surfase. Pat the rotti using bit of water so it doesnt stick to the fingers. Now pour a spoonful of oil/ghee on the hot tava and lift the cloth along with rotti and put it up-side down on the tava, so the rotti is placed on the tava directly.
    Now you can start peeling the cloth from one corner and generally it comes of quite easily. cook the rotti per usual.
    you can repete the procedure by wetting the cloth and draining out the excess water.

  19. @Unknown, yes! ur comment just reminded me of the times when my amma used to pat the rotti same way :) especially for akki ubbu rotti.

  20. At last the 'Shubh Ghadi'came and I prepared the Cabbage akki rotti... and as expected it came out pretty well and tasty! just that I made it bit thinner than yours..

    Thanks for a lot:)

  21. This has become a regular dish here at our place. Love the taste and texture. Thanks for sharing Sia.

  22. See, I knew it would be good!! This is going to be made this weekend, Sia.
    And of my, you India trip, especially the bit about your farm, was such a beauty to read! I could just see LD amidst all those animals, and running buck naked :) Such joy! And such a beautiful way to balance the world he knows in England.
    Oh, and the food - the neer dosas and cauliflower bhath and rasam rice - you're killing me.


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